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GET TO KNOW… Ansley Randall

 Known For: Artist, Graphic Designer, and Owner of JAX IS RAD brand, and website.

The Auggie Connection: While growing up in Jacksonville, Ansley followed in her father and older brother’s footsteps by attending Flagler College in St. Augustine. She graduated in 2010 with a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Art. She tells Narrow, “it was a natural choice for me to attend (in) beautiful St. Auggie.”

Ansley Likes…: Eating lemons, painting, wearing red lipstick, dancing.

Rad Art: Ansley Randall is an artist, painter, graphic designer, screen printer, and more. She creates patterns inspired by crazy roommates, paints abstract canvases and cuts them into purses and makes prints with tiny plants on them.

Sticker Shock: After a few years spent in Colorado, Ansley returned to Jacksonville 4 years ago and began immersing herself back into the arts scene. She spent time building her portfolio and meeting a lot of local creatives. With a renewed sense of pride in her city, she wanted to create a poster that reflected that pride. She came up with the poster that is pictured, which led to stickers placed (and photographed) all over the city, leading to a full-blown brand. She explains, “Jax has always had a bad rap for being an artist and having nothing to do in the city,” something she hopes her brand is changing.

More Rad-ness: Over the last 2 years, JAX IS RAD has turned into a marketing, design, and event planning company. Ansley and company started planning out events bringing the community together and highlighting musicians and artists, along with working alongside local businesses. She adds, “JAX IS RAD was created to shine a light on the city of Jax and inspire all the RAD artists, musicians, and local businesses who make Jax rad.”

Who’s Rad?: According to the JAX IS RAD website, some of the local business and artists that have been labeled RAD by Ansley’s brand are Josh Cobb (musician, producer, and owner of Rockbot Studios); Mandi Nix (artist); Small Caps Collective (graphic designers); Matt Shaw (writer, and musician with The Mother Gooses); Karen Kurycki (artist and graphic designer); Rion Paige (singer-songwriter); Vagabond Coffee Co.; Strangerwolf (Americana/Indie band); Michael Slayton (illustrator); and more to come.

Where’s Ansley?:

Instagram: @ansleyrandall

Facebook: Ansley Randall


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