Narrow Magazine launched its first print issue in September of 2014.

Today, Narrow distributes a monthly print music magazine to 500 locations in St. Augustine, Gainesville, Jax Beach, Jax, Daytona Beach, Flagler Beach, and some neighboring areas. It's the only true music magazine in NE Florida and Gainesville, covering local artists and events, and sprinkling in some visiting and national performers, satire, and a bit edgier content than the glossies.

Narrow books for a number of venues in the area including One Daytona, Colonial Oak Music Park, and Flagler Beachfront Winery. We also represent acts for bookings outside our area, and host weekly Narrow Nights at Colonial Oak Music Park in downtown Saint Augustine.

We love our logo and all the meanings of the word (starting with Saint Augustine, where we initially launched, having the narrowest street in the USA - Treasury Street) so please look for our logo and name on specially printed shirts, hats, and other fashion items.

Narrow Nights at Colonial Oak Music Park. #NarrowEvents

Narrow Nights at Colonial Oak Music Park. #NarrowEvents