Narrow Interview: Lennon Stella

The Narrow Interview... with Lennon Stella

by Adriana Cabezas

For 6 years we saw Lennon Stella on screen as Maddie Conrad on the TV series ‘Nashville,’ watching her grow up and develop her songwriting talent by having multiple of her songs featured on the show. Now, 20, Stella is paving her way through the musical world. Her debut solo EP, ‘Love, me,’ debuted in the top five of Billboard’s Heatseekers Album Chart and her single, ‘Bad,’ reached the top 20 echelon of Spotify’s Global Viral Chart. Rising in the music industry, Stella is one to keep an eye on!

In September she embarked on the World War Joy North America tour with The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer. One of their stops is Orlando, Fla., on October 26. We talked to Stella about the tour, her solo career and her music.

Narrow Magazine: First off, congratulations on your upcoming tour! How are you feeling about going on tour with The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer?

Lennon Stella: Thank you! I couldn’t be more stoked. They’re all so sweet and fun. I think it’s going to be the absolute best time.

NM: How’s it been pursuing your solo career?

Stella: It has been surprisingly smooth so far [laughs]. All has been going well. Just been in the studio a lot working on the album!

NM: Can you tell me a little bit about your writing process?

Stella: Typically, I start with an idea or feeling I want to write about; then the producer gets a vibe going, or just some chords; then we just vibe on it for a while until we lock into some melodies. It really depends on the session, it’s different every day!

NM: How would you describe your music? And what are you trying to transmit through it?

Stella: Ultimately, I just want to transmit honest emotion, feelings and transparency. I know when I hear a song that I really connect with lyrically, it makes me feel understood and a little less alone in this big old world, so hopefully make people feel that way.

NM: Who are your biggest influences?

Stella: I have so many influences from all over the place really. Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Tame Impala, Beach House!

NM: What are your career goals?

Stella: I want to make music that I’m entirely in love with and everyone to be moved by. That’s genuinely my only real goal because I fully think everything else will stem from that.

NM: Where do you hope your career will go in the future?

Stella: I of course hope it keeps going on a steady incline! [Laughs] Hopefully all goes well, and it does what it’s meant to do and touches as many people as it can!

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