Travis Tooke presents... Helixglow

Travis Tooke presents… Helixglow

By Dave Kosciolek

Gainesville’s Travis Tooke had national success in the 90’s with the band For Squirrels. Signed to Epic Records, they had a song in rotation throughout the country’s alternative rock stations called “Mighty KC.” After the tragic loss of several members, the band carried on as Subrosa, releasing one album on Epic and supporting the band Creed on tour in the late 90’s. Travis released a solo album, “Artichoke,” in 2007, a release covered by Billboard in early 2008. A few years after that, Travis began writing and producing music under the name Helixglow.

Helixglow, the name, was conceived from a lyric Tooke wrote in 1996, for a Subrosa song titled “Antigen Fiend.” As Tooke says, it’s a “poetic pairing or the 2 words helix and glow, to create the mixed meaning associated with combining the different definitions of both words as one word/one meaning or message.” The name can be used for Tooke solo, or Tooke’s band project and right now it’s about the band project. With his longtime friend, music engineer and studio wiz Mike Rotolante on bass, and Mike’s brother John on drums, the band is currently working on their first EP, which they think should be out by January 2019. This will be the first recorded music from Tooke since two songs were recorded in Asbury Park, NJ, one of which titled “Recyclesaurus” appeared on a movie soundtrack, and was played on David Lynch’s Transcendental Radio show.

A bit of personal disclosure: both Tooke’s solo album and the two songs by Helixglow were released on my label, Indigo Planet Records, so while I am writing this article I also represent a more personal bond with Travis, along with being a fan of his music. When Travis and Helixglow perform at Colonial Oak Music Park on August 30, it will actually be his second time performing in St. Aug, the first being more of a showcase of new material about 8 years ago with local St. Aug. musician Ryan Murray-Laird on drums.

As for the rest of the near future, Travis tells me that the band hopes to gig more in St. Augustine, Savannah, Tampa, Miami, and of course Gainesville. Please come out and support. Travis closes this article with these words: “You can’t please all the people all the time but you can please yourself and loved ones, so do that and see what else happens!”

To keep up with the latest Helixglow news, please follow their Facebook page.

Helixglow feat. Travis Tooke, live at Colonial Oak Music Park, Thursday, Aug. 30, 8pm

dave kosciolek