Diamond Dixie - Sparkle through the Rust

by Meghan Gallagher

Diamond Dixie is entertainment for everyone, but truly stuck out to me as sisters for young women to look up to. An empowering duo with an American Dream work ethic, they will be the perfect anthem for your long highway road trips back home this holiday season.

Tacos and Christmas spirit are what the singing sisters, Gabriela and Bianca LeDuc, are currently made of, along with a hefty dose of poise and music engrained in their DNA. Their father was in a rock band in high school and taught them guitar at a young age, along with showing them other finer things in life like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Guns n’ Roses, which gave these cowgirl-boot-wearing singers an edge that separates them from other country artists.

“We absolutely fell in love with their sounds and because of that, classic rock has influenced our music,” Gabriela said.

They are also currently obsessed with Matthew McConaughey and Bohemian Rhapsody-totally relatable, which is the feeling they strive for with their music. “Past relationships, current relationships, both good and bad have inspired our music. We know that those experiences that we’ve had are something that someone else has gone through or is going through and being able to put that experience in music form and then see our fans sing that song back to us at shows is something that is so cool to us!”

Their presence on social media to create awareness of their music and dedication to their fans is admirable. The talent is evident, but their drive is inspiring and has paid off for them. They put themselves out there for the world to see and don’t hold back. “The reason we are where we are today is because of consistency. Whether it’s posting videos, releasing new music, posting vlogs, we’re always up to something and it keeps our fans hungry for more,” Gabriella said.

Their life seems like a movie plot, two sister-best-friends who happen to be rock stars, and you can live this vicariously through watching the LeDuc adventures on their YouTube channel under the same name as their band. If their videos leave you warm-hearted, which is totally normal, they also gave some more uplifting, encouraging, sisterly advice when asked what they wish they had known when they were younger: “Throughout the years, Bianca and I have developed pretty thick skin and you have to being in this industry. There’s a lot of mean people out there and sometimes those people are even in your same friend group. Their opinion about you doesn’t matter so focus on your goal and put in work to get to that goal…show the haters they’re wrong!”

Some fun facts to know about them that you can share with people when they’re national superstars: Gabriela was struck by lightning in middle school and Bianca’s bucket list consists of swimming with sharks. . . so someone make that happen for her.

Diamond Dixie’s are planning people and always have something new to share in their ever evolving-music career. Be sure to look out for their new album they’ve been hard at work on.

dave kosciolek