Tyler Pierce Hale


There has always been a method to my madness and it’s time to rise, shine, Rock & Roll.”

By: Zahra Musgrave

You are Former Head Designer of Luna Light Music and Arts Festival, as well as Former Visual Design Lead at Asteria Arts & Music Festival & Former Co-Host. In addition, you are currently the Owner at Eclectic Electric, & Experience Operations Design Assistant at Danny Wimmer Presents. In town, you’re recently most notable for the build of Gainesville’s newest club, Signal. Wow, That’s a mouthful.

Have your passions always allied w/ the Arts or was their an awakening period in which you took to expressing yourself artistically?

I have always had a fascination with the Arts. Movies, museums, musicals, you name it. While I did not take many (if any) art classes while growing up, it was not for lack of interest. I’m a band geek, guilty as charged. While after seeing my 7th grade band photo did steer me far away from my clarinet days, I continued to pick up and become proficient on as many instruments as I could get my hands on all the way through high school. I also enjoyed kicking it with the theater kids and performed in various musicals and plays over the years. At one point in college, I majored in Upright Bass performance at UF but changed up my collegiate career focus and graduated with a B.A. in History. It never really dawned on me while in college that I could have studied something like art or design. Its funny how obvious the option would seem now but it goes to remind me of just how far I have come from my days as a Regional Property Manager for low income / tax credit housing (my job after graduating college). The “plan” was always the “plan”... It just took me a few years to realize that my career path then was definitely not going to lead me to what I wanted. Only took me 2 ½ years until I decided that I needed to make a course correction and actively choose to pursue my dreams of rock stardom. I flew to New York to join up with my friends in the band Morning Fatty to conquer the open road and “BirdDawg” with them all across the country for the next few years. The rest you could say, is History.

How have you changed as a person over the last 5-7 years?

I’d like to think that I have not changed as a person per se, but I have certainly grown throughout these past few years. With every year comes new adventures, experiences, responsibilities, and lessons learned.

What is your biggest challenge when stepping into the arena of a fest or event you’ve never before designed for?

Communication and cohesive collaboration.

You just wrapped up Sonic Temple in Columbus, Ohio, where you put on a festival every weekend for an entire month! Describe how that went down for you & the team it took to pull off so much festivity.

My last run of shows up the East Coast were with Danny Wimmer Presents (DWP). Our ride started with Welcome to Rockville in Jacksonville, continued on up to Rockingham, NC for Epicenter, and rounded out with Sonic Temple.

What would you say to anyone just getting their feet wet in the industry?

Always put your everything into your work and projects. I believe it was Hunter S. Thompson who said “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”

Are you currently or in the near future working on any personal projects?

Absolutely. There has always been a method to my madness and it’s time to rise, shine, Rock & Roll. I want to combine all that I have learned, loved, and experienced into an outlet and stage for artistic expression that incorporates the vast and eclectic spectrum of both my personal, as well as, friend’s creative mediums into an experience that can be set up, heard, seen, felt, and shared both live and via the interwebs of social media & digital platforms. It’s all about the music and more importantly, the show. A convergence of elements aimed at channeling and amplifying emotional expression; with a mission to share a spectacle capable of electrifying the soul, igniting the spirit, and creating a space where frisson is free, friendships are forged, and love can be found.

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