Swingin' Utters

Narrow talks to… Swingin’ Utters

 By Danny Lore

 25 years ago, I picked up a 7” by the Swingin’ Utters entitled “Nothing To Rely On” from my local record store. I wore the grooves out on that little record. Since that time the Swingin’ Utters have been a constant on my turntable. Every record seems to break new ground for the band while still holding onto their original sound. Their blue-collar pop-influenced punk, with a little bit of folk thrown into the mix, has given this band a sound that is truly unique. The band's newest album "Peace & Love" was released on Fat Wreck Chords and features more of a political edge. When I heard they would be rolling through Gainesville I jumped at the chance to sit down with Darius Koski and ask him a few questions after the show. 

 What music are you guys listening to in the van?

Vacation and A Giant Dog. Our van is full of Marvin Gaye and bunch of old shit. We listen to everything. It's all over the place. Punk, funk, soul and podcasts... everything.

 “Peace & Love” is your ninth full length album. Are you working on new material? 

We have a lot of new songs for the next record. We plan on taking a break from touring to write and recharge. I think we'll be in the studio again within a year or so.

 Has the writing process changed over the years?

I have a hard time referring to it as a process. It's more of a habit. I do it sporadically and all the time. It just happens.

 It's a really big accomplishment to be in a band for 30 plus years. What's the secret? How do you keep it going for this long? 

I think we're just... not assholes. Honestly, it's luck. We've been on tour with people who just punch each other in the face and we do get on each other's nerves but we've never really gone there. We believe in the same shit.

 Tell me something about the Swingin' Utters that nobody else knows. 

We're super normal. I'm a fucking plumber when I'm not on tour.

dave kosciolek