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By: Tristan Komorny

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During the Summer of 2017 in the spare bedroom-turned home studio of Richie Schnellbacher, Articles was born. The band currently holds the crown as the top political-post-fictional hardcore band proudly wearing their ‘No Idea’ records influences on their sleeves. Often, they’re compared to acts like Jawbreaker and The Lawrence Arms.

Articles lineup is Richie Schnellbacher (vocals/guitar), Jennifer Massimin (drums) and Justin Plemmons (backup vocals/bass).” It evolved organically,” explains Richie. “I had played in a band with Jen in South Florida, but I really don’t remember how I went about asking her to jam.” Jennifer mentioned Justin, referring to him as “the best bass player in the world” and the band solidified its current lineup. Richie adds, “When we all got together it really clicked. We’re all just a bunch of goofballs that like music. The goal of the band was to play one show, and we actually had three shows booked before we played the first one.”

Since then the band has found a home in the Gainesville scene, citing local acts including but not limited to Bite Marks, Gutless, Sports Reference, No More and of course the looming, ever-present ghost of Tom Petty. “I’ve been listening to Gainesville punk music since I was in high school and going to shows since I moved here in 2008. It’s pretty dang neat to be a part of and contribute to something I’ve been a spectator of for over a decade.” Says Justin. The acceptance of multi-genre bills, and community-driven support the band agrees is what makes them proud to call Gainesville their home base.

Their lyricism, besides their keen insistence of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ influence, explore realms of personal experiences and observation. Richie’s five years of experience as a public-school teacher seeps into a lot of his writing. “You see a lot of weird stuff in that area. From the funding issues that can directly affect people's jobs to being the only stable part of a student’s life.” He also mentions his fondness for history that finds its way into the fold from time to time. Again, however, Justin clarifies, “All of Richie’s songs are directly lifted from episodes of ‘Bob’s Burgers’”.   

Here’s the closing lines from ‘8am Coffee, Still Sad.’

“And I’m angry,
But can never articulate the words.
So I hold it all inside and doubt my own self worth.
I need to make a change not just today, tomorrow too.
Just remember that you are surrounded by people that love you.”

Outside of the band, the group is on some next-level shit. Justin works as an environmental scientist and attends grad school for ecological restoration. Richie is an 8th grade history teacher and the occasional waiter. Jennifer works in the UF forensic toxicology lab simply put, drug testing dead people.

In the coming months Articles will be hashing out new songs set to be recorded and organize some more weekenders. While Justin and Jennifer set out on their conquest to, and, as a writer, I quote “I’m just tryna get famous people to follow me on social media. So, if you’re reading this and you’re famous hit me up on Facebook.”

Listen to Articles, watch ‘Bob’s Burgers’, or “Don’t come around here no more,” - The Ghost of Tom Petty.




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