The Return of... My Epic

by Ward Hughey

 My Epic is a band that I have kept on my radar since they began in 2005. Before I get into why I am so excited to see them on tour this month let me give a rundown for those not familiar: My Epic is a rock band from Charlotte, NC. Their discography consists of independent releases and several on Facedown Records. I recommend taking a dive into those if you have not. As a unit My Epic is currently a 5-piece, but life limits to 4-piece on tour. While recently speaking with singer Aaron Stone, he summed it as a big family. He also filled me in on their connection to our local area and what is happening now.

 For Aaron and My Epic, Jacksonville is a special place. He lived here for 2 summers in early 2000s. “My friends and I used to go to shows at Murray Hill (Theatre) and Jack Rabbits and everywhere else the cool bands were playing.” These friendships were helpful when they hit the road for first time in 2007. The tour ended at Murray Hill Theatre with former legends, Our Finest Hour (R.I.P.). That night proved that for My Epic, Jacksonville is a place of friends and family creating a great show experience; Which is one reason I am so looking forward to their return.

 Another reason for my excitement is what they are currently doing with the question, “What if we just split apart our dynamic?” My Epic writes songs with juxtaposition of soft and heavy. Acknowledging this, the band has cut themselves into 2 EP releases. Aaron described the experience “like writing with one hand tied behind our back.” The first EP, Ultraviolet came out in 2018. Sonically this is the softer, vibier band. Writing this meant finding a different way for the songs to be complete without the hard climax. “Of Wilderness is one of my favorite songs that we have ever written and it has to find a way for it to get there. It has to find a way melodically and sonically to feel achieved without getting to that heavy heavy place.” As a whole the release does just that in being powerful music that moves without pushing. Thematically Aaron describes the content to be about the concepts we all deal with in faith and doubt in what you believe. Ultraviolet Light represents all the real things that we may not see as we question and consider. Next up is my personal favorite of the 2, Violence, which comes out May 10th. Creating within only heavier streams was also a challenge. Quiet moments create dynamic heaviness in song, but in this those are “at a minimum.” When listening it is clear that this is the heaviest release from them to date. Following the music, this EP’s content continues the concept found in Ultraviolet, but applied to heavier topics that Aaron says often people do not want to talk about. “We write songs to try to understand things,” he says as he explains that with Violence My Epic finds art in heavy topics. “If we can’t talk about and we can’t sing about it than we are really in trouble.” Seems heavy to me. With these releases, My Epic is continuing what Aaron says they are about. “At the end it's all about just trying to write really good songs and trying to communicate things that we feel are true and pressing and urgent and real.”

 All of this is why I am so stoked to see My Epic on Tuesday, May 28th at Murray Hill Theatre with Valleyheart and Wild Pines! This will be a headlining show playing the new EPs as well as songs from their entire discography. Get your tickets now! Until then check out Ultraviolet and make sure you listen to Violence starting May 10th! Follow them at and on all the usual sites. See you at the show!

dave kosciolek