Reset and Recourse


 by Ward Hughey

 Sometimes in life we have changes. This is true for all of us including artists. Recently, I sat down with some guys that have been living this out over the last year.

 In 2018, the band Kings Canvas put things on hold indefinitely. With this change, two members, Juan Mallorca and Jose Coello, decided to keep creating together. Bringing in some new musicians, they formed the band Blüm. Shortly after they released the single “Amends,” a heavy hitting pop punk banger. The band was quickly creating a following. I saw them a few times myself and I have to say I was impressed by the music and passion displayed. As a band though that passion us fans felt was fading. “They were hard to write,” Jose says of the songs being created at that time. Juan plainly states that he found the content to be shallow. Things were not working. As the music got heavier the two founders were moving together in a different direction. “When we play together nothing comes heavy. We play really ambient stuff and comes out great.” Jose said of when he and Juan would jam. Blüm as it was could not continue and therefore quietly disbanded. For Juan and Jose it was what they needed to fully dive into a more pop and ambient realm. Juan was also getting more into production which added to the progression. With the new music came need for new members.

 Enter guitarist Eduardo Diaz-Marin and drummer Michael Ricker. “I had the notion that I was going to play music that was someone else’s guitar parts,” Eduardo says. He and Michael were both surprised when Juan and Jose told them they were hitting reset. Any intimidation of this went away as soon as the band starting jamming. The first jam session together ended with a new song. As Michael states, “It can’t really get more natural than that.” “I love creating something out of nowhere like very impulsive spontaneous music,” Juan says as we discuss how great writing with the new lineup has been.

 It was not long before this new Blüm was ready for the studio. With Eduardo’s recommendation they went to Matt Goings at Killian Studios to record 3 songs making up the debut EP RECOURSE which was released April 22nd. While music was written by all four guys, Juan brings the lyrical content. “I Need You” is inspired by the people who have stuck by him in life. “Seasons” reflects on the changes life brings. Title track “Recourse” is about addictions and the negative impact they have as well getting help to escape them. Aside from what each song brings the overall concept is also fitting for the band. Definition of recourse is help in difficulty. For Juan and Jose, the new members were the help Blüm needed. Overall the EP is modern pop rock with elements of early 2000s underground reminiscent of acts like Brandtson. It is also really really good!

 Always moving forward, Blüm is already headed into the future which Eduardo says is “the mantra of this band.” Juan and Michael have started production of some new stuff that they say will be somewhat different. For now, though, the guys are very excited for the release of Resources and getting fans’ response. If you have not already checked it out you can find the EP online at multiple streaming sites. Give it a listen and also follow the band so you can catch their live show. They have some dates coming up they are very excited for and you should be too.

dave kosciolek