Visiting Band... Acarya

Coming all the way from Ohio, Acarya is a touring band that just released their new EP, "Being in Love When the World Began." Hosting the visit are some of our local faves, Wild Shiners. Lots of high energy, roots rock coming to Dog Rose Brewing on April 13th! Here’s an exclusive interview Narrow did with Acarya members Liz Wu and Lyric Smith, about their music and what they are bringing to St. Auggie. Learn even more at their website -

Narrow: When we listen to some of your music, we hear a cross between Arcade Fire and Rusted Root. Fair comparison?

Lyric: "Wow, thank you so much - those are two wonderful bands to be compared to."

Narrow: Speaking of Rusted Root, we once met and spoke with Michael Glabicki a few years back. It was an interesting meeting. Have you had any similar meetings with “famous” musicians in your travels that surprised you, for the good or not so good?

Lyric: "Lots, LOL. Once, after leaving the restroom at a truck stop in Montana, I almost knocked over Barbara Streisand. Surprised, I said, 'Holy shit, you're Barbara Streisand!' She replied, 'Holy shit, you're some big creepy guy I almost ran into at a truck stop.' And she walked away."

Narrow’s initial designer was from Ohio (Cleveland area). What is the creative vibe in Ohio these days, and any other bands/artists you like that we should know about? 

Lyric: "The vibe and talent in Southwestern Ohio is extremely strong. In a city like L.A. if you go to hear live music, there will generally be an element of originality, but often you'll hear music that's overly modeled on the success of other projects, like Led Zeppelin (not speaking of any bands in particular, LOL). In Southwestern Ohio, and honestly throughout Ohio, you'll see bands like Acarya playing with bands like The Ophelias, Triiibe, Dawg Yawp, Go Go Buffalo, See You in the Funnies, Walk the Moon, or Why?, and each one will have a sound that differs greatly from one another. It seems like that's a secret that's really starting to get out around the country."

Liz: "Ohio has a lot of talent, but unfortunately a shrinking list of places to play. I think that is becoming a struggle for musicians everywhere. Now that one can get literally anything they want ordered to their door, people are going out less. Live musicians are no longer competing with DJs and Pandora radio, but with Netflix and Doordash. So it's more important than ever for bands to work together, cross-promote, and share resources ... when this happens, it can create an incredible scene. There are certainly members of the Ohio music community who are building this kind of network and support system - shout out to Urban Artifact and its radio station Radio Artifact in Cincinnati."

Narrow: We are looking forward to seeing you at Dog Rose in St. Aug. Any words to our readers about what they will see/hear on 4/13? 

Lyric: "We want to offer people the opportunity to dance - and to come dance with us." 

Liz: "It's an invitation to experience something raw and real - a group of (probably sweaty) musicians who drove 17 hours just to play some tunes we wrote for a crowd of friends we haven't met yet. There are some things that can only be experienced in the moment, with the random collective who shows up ... and whether sublime or catastrophic, it's unpredictable. Every live show is somewhat of an experiment, since you never know exactly what will happen. We want folks to come take that journey with us ... and for us all to leave with those shared stories."


Acarya, with Wild Shiners, live at Dog Rose Brewing, April 13, 7-10pm

dave kosciolek