Jacksonville's Glazed

The Sweet Sounds of GLAZED

By Ward Hughey

When one hears the word glazed, they likely think of sweets. Perhaps donuts come to mind. My thoughts however go somewhere different. I think of the sweet sounds of Jacksonville, FL emo rockers. Since I first heard Glazed a few years back I have loved their sound. A sound they say is inspired by a past emo punk era. “We’re just a hodgepodge of the influence of Warped Tour culture and Myspace.” What exactly does that mean? Well thanks to modern technology I recently talked with the four young men to learn what makes Glazed so tasty.

The beginning starts with former band Locals, a Jacksonville group that had gained a good following. Over time changes in lineup and sound brought Locals to an end, but out of that a new band arose. In 2013 Glazed was born with Justin Belichis on vocals/guitar, Reid Johnson on guitar, Liam Murphy on drums and Brian Wright on bass. Wasting little time, they released a self-titled demo recorded by Reid. This debut was helped along by skipping school to lay down guitar and drums they recorded in a church they may or may not have had permission to be in. It was around then I first saw them at Sarbez in St. Augustine. Being an emo kid since college their sound was something I immediately latched onto.

While playing out regionally, Glazed also churned out new material. & Confused (2014) was recorded in St. Augustine Beach with Mike Davis of We Still Dream. The guys say it was special to work with a major player from their scene. This release was followed with regional shows and DIY tours. Soon they were back in the kitchen working on a full length. In 2016 they released You’ve Changed. This album was recorded with Lee Dyess at Earthsound studios who is known for work with acts like From First to Last and Mayday Parade. Once again, they were tapping the scene vein while maturing their own sound. While areas of the music, Reid’s talented guitar playing for example, continued expanding, the band also held to a rule of no clichés. Sticking to this lends to lyrical content of higher caliber than the emo genre is often known for. The future looked bright, but as it often does life brought change.

Upon graduating college with a degree in Multimedia Journalism, Justin felt a need to find work. When talking about this now it is obvious how hard the decision was when he took a job in Virginia. The move meant many miles of separation. Most groups would not have made it through this, but for Glazed it may have been a gift in disguise. While still playing together as often as possible the distance meant Justin was often alone with his guitar and thoughts. As Liam explains it, “I think since Justin moved to VA and he isolated himself, our sound took not a new direction, but more maturation.” Armed with fresh ideas Justin eventually came back home. Now Glazed finds themselves as “the old dudes” of their local scene, a respect they have earned. “The feasibility of doing this thing that we’ve been doing since we were kids is the biggest lesson in all of this.” Justin says.

2019 finds the band hard at it. As I write this, they are playing SXSW. Recently they dropped the single “New York City,” a true emo banger. Sticking to rule there are no clichés, but instead stand out verses I cannot stop singing like “Can I request joint custody of polaroids u see above your bed when u sleep?” Another soon to be released is a song by Reid titled “Shaky Archery.” He describes it as “acknowledging the new version of yourself that you never thought you’d become.” I am intrigued. These 2 tracks are off a 5-song EP recorded in Jacksonville with Josh Cobb at Rockbot Studios. The band’s excitement around this new release is palpable. They say the overall sound puts you in a mood like that of “riding skateboards in the summer.” After some discussion they agreed to let me share that it will be titled 1999. Fitting for a group whose music is as much a nod to the era that inspires them as it is a sound all their own.

It appears the sky's the limit for the four friends. Glazed has plans that include touring new places; Connecticut, if Reid has his way. For right now I encourage everyone to be on the lookout for 1999’s upcoming release as well as a video for “Shaky Archery.” Also check out their discography at www.glazedfl.bandcamp.com and all streaming locations. You can follow their show schedule on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. I promise what you will find is delicious.

dave kosciolek