Brothers Within

Releases Debut Album

By Meghan Gallagher

If you live in Daytona and don’t know who Brothers Within are, I guess you haven’t left your house in a while. But good news! You no longer need to leave the comforts of your domain to enjoy the reggae band, for they recently released their debut eponymous album that lives on Spotify. 

I first talked to Brothers Within when they were our cover story December of 2017, and since then their stardom and perfectly refined 8-track album have been quite the testament to their hard work and dedication. A lot of things went into this album, but I know for sure luck isn’t one of them. Although they feel blessed to be where they are, they should mostly be proud, for it was no walk in the park. Their year was comprised by a bad accident that took their beloved van, leaving them to get creative when it came to getting to gigs. And then there was the more fun, but just as trying three 12-hour days in the Log Cabin Studios in Tallahassee to make the record.  

Their humble beginning was the inspiration for the surprise track they included, an acoustic tune called “Soon.” “In the beginning when we first started playing music, we didn’t have anything, and we would always say we hoped we’d have it soon. And now here we are.” The rest of the album is full of crisp and clean mellow tunes, including a collaboration with local Kat Hall, which will make you so proud to be from such a musically inclined area. There’s not a sound out of place on the album, just some intense grooves that offer an escape to serenity.  

As their name suggests, they aren’t brothers by blood, but it’s the idea of brotherhood that really sponsored this album. “Brothers are always trying to bring each other up and keep pushing each other, which is what we had to do to keep on track while making the album.” The process has proved how irreplaceable each member is, and how impeccable they work together. And the piece wouldn’t be complete without the band pup Luna accompanying at every show.  

As long as I’ve known the brothers, they have been nothing but admirable. They practice what they preach, and their lyrics truly reflect their mindful lives. But perhaps the most admirable part of their work is how they’ve done it all on their own. “We are remaining independent mostly to show that it’s possible. Our music is ours, and we want to do it our way.” They will admit how helpful being backed by labels has been for some of their musician friends, and how there’s a lot of talent that goes unnoticed while remaining independent, but the support they’ve received has been encouraging. The lack of East Coast bands headlining festivals is another thing fueling their motivation. “These reggae festivals are always full of West Coast bands, we want to see that change.” 

They essentially had no musical background before getting together, and now the self-made brothers will be playing with Collie Buddz, just one of their many exciting shows going on this year, at the Ocean Deck in Daytona Beach on March 30th. Hard work aside, making an album doesn’t go without everyone having their defining characteristics, so here are the Brothers Within debut album superlatives: 

Most likely to have hair touched: Johnny 

Most likely to forget a chord: Johnny 

Most likely to be late: Joey 

Best stage performance: Luna  

Best napper: Debatable 

Nicest group of guys around: Brothers Within

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