Yung Drew

Jax Rapper releasing a “heartbreak” album on Valentine’s Day

 Yung Drew, aka Andrew Estep, plans to release an album about pain and heartbreak on Valentine’s Day, saying “pain makes for some good music.” When asked about his favorite artists, Drew tells Narrow his faves of all time are XXXTentacion and Earl Sweatshirt, “which are total opposites of the music I make but I still appreciate that style of music.”

 These “opposites” or contradictions, seem to be working well for Drew, as the January release of his track “Yeah Yeah” on Soundcloud garnered more than 6,500 listens just two days after posting.

 Drew, a 19-year-old out of Jacksonville also wants to be a Youth Pastor when he is older. “I love the Lord, and music,” he tells us. Describing his music as a mix of pain and healing, he adds, “I talk about things that have hurt me but mix in how I’m healing from it. But it’s all clean music.” Drew also cites American rapper NF as one of his biggest influences, and his true love of music shines in this quote: “I love music, it’s so beautiful, not even just rap but any genre. It’s all a little pain and a hint of desire. Music is my world. I hope y’all can understand my pain when you hear my music.”

 A Dinner Party with Yung Drew.

 What five people would Drew invite to a dinner party if he could name any five people from any time in history? “I’d invite my dad, he’s a cool dude with some lame dad jokes. I’d invite XXXTentacion to talk about life and music, Anthony Davis because he’s my favorite basketball player, my girlfriend Ashley Abood cause she’s great, and my best friend Sage, he hasn’t switched up so he’s coming up with me.”

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