Tim Rardon

Heart and Hustle with Tim Rardon

 By Ward Hughey

 Life as a musician is not always easy. Doing it full time takes an array of attributes and skills that include heart and hustle. Over the last few years I have come to know a young man that embodies both of these. Tim Rardon first crossed my path as a talented metalcore front man on tour. Since then I have come to know him as an artist that cares greatly about his art, bandmates and fans. He lives for music and the message his lyrics convey. That message has been described as “confronting anguish with hope.” As for his extremely hard work ethic he credits that to his mother. She instilled the hustle in him.

 Recently I sat down with Tim to learn more about who he is and what he is currently up to.

 Born and raised in Florida Tim says St. Augustine and Palm Coast have always been home. It was while living in the latter that he started to explore singing. Although sports was where he first thought he saw the future Tim admits music was always there. “Music seemed to be the only thing that really spoke to me behind the scenes.” As music took over, he moved to Orlando in pursuit of dreams. With the help of social media Tim initiated what became a golden connection with Johnny Franck, formerly of ATTACK ATTACK! “Social (media) is a blessing in a way. He reached out to me and worked out a deal… He just opened up my eyes and taught me so much.”

 While working with Johnny in the studio Tim recorded The Knowing Within’s first EP. With this release under his belt he gathered bandmates and started touring. Despite a lineup change here and there the band gained notice in the metalcore scene. While honing their craft on stage the band was also writing new material. First of 2018 they released 8 track EP “Circumstances” which was produced by Kyle Ritch. Instead of continuing full throttle the months after this release saw things slow down. During this time Tim moved back to St. Augustine, but his address was not all that changed. Tim’s relationship with Kyle Ritch grew into a side project with AJ Tompkins and Matt McCormick called Common Vision. Soon it became evident that Tim’s time with The Knowing Within was ending as the side project moved to front and center.

 With that same passionate hustle Tim and new bandmates started making waves. In August of 2018 they released a self-titled ep. “We kind of take you on a roller coaster of sounds,” Tim says as he tries to describe the music. He sums it up best as “a very catchy heavy rock band.” After listening multiple times myself I can tell you this EP is an offering of 5 real bangers mixing hard rock, metalcore and infectious pop while injecting the soul of an Aretha Franklin experience. If that does not make sense give it a listen and let the goosebumps explain.

 The EP is not all that Common Vision have been up to. Based in Orlando they have been playing shows in the O-town area as well as crushing stages in Tim’s turf around St. Augustine. They also released a music video for “Passion that Bleeds.” The positive reception led to working with same videographer Aaron Berkshire on an acoustic version. This they filmed along the coast of our oldest city. You can watch both of these videos online. Do it now. I will wait.

 So, what does the future look like? For Tim it is the continued hustle. His face shows excitement as he talks of his bandmates and plans in 2019 that include a full length album. Living over an hour away from the guys means Tim has to be committed for the Common Vision to keep going. If it is not clear already let me make it so, Tim Rardon is not a man that lacks commitment.

 You can find Common Vision’s music online at the usual streaming sites. Be sure also to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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