Aaron Mansfield

Local Artists on the Rise… Aaron Mansfield

Aaron Mansfield is a super-talented local singer-songwriter now making his home in St. Augustine. Born and raised in St. Louis, Aaron stopped doing music in 2013 to focus on his family and 3 small children. Things changed in 2017 after moving to Florida and losing his job. He went back to his roots – music. He did a lot of cover gigs in Jax, and then started writing again. His blend of soul, rock, and pop were the perfect mix for the times, and now this month he heads out on a January tour with a full band he has assembled, supporting Emmy-winning and CMA breakout performer Maggie Rose. The tour even kicks off in his hometown of St. Louis. Narrow sat down with Aaron to learn more about him.

Narrow: How do you describe your music and songwriting?

Aaron Mansfield: “I like to think of my style as unique. At least I hope it’s received that way lol. I’m a fan of true R&B, but tend to write songs as a story which creates a unique sound. I write about my life and the people in my life. Staying true to what I write about is the most important thing about my music to me.”

N:  Who are your music influences and faves?

A.M.: “Marc Broussard & Shane and Shane are my favorite singers on this planet. Ben Rector, Dave Barnes & John Mayer trio are among my top favorites.”

N: Tell us about your new song release, “So What"

A.M.: “I actually wrote ‘So What’ in the middle of an argument with my wife. We handle stress and arguments totally differently and somehow I was able to turn one of those frustrating, nonsense arguments into a song that grooves and holds a lot of truth for most couples.”

N: 5 people you’d invite to a dinner party (past or present)

A.M.: “Ready for random? Here we go. 1. Peyton Manning. 2. Dave Barnes. 3. Michael Jackson. 4. Stevie Ray Vaughn. 5. I want to say Jesus here, but after what he said he was going to do at his last dinner, I think everyone would just sit in silence waiting to see how he encored coming back from the dead. So, let’s go with Jimi Hendrix.” 

N: Anything else you’d like to add?

A.M.: “I appreciate y’all showing me the love and support that you have. I’m truly happy to call St. Augustine home and I hope to shed some light on the great music this city produces.”

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