OK! Charlie

by Cassidy Strauss

How many cans of ravioli can you get with $120? Apparently enough to fill an entire shopping cart or take up plenty of space in a 24-foot RV, according to local rapper Charles Morgan, A.K.A. OK! Charlie.

“You should’ve seen the look on the ladies’ faces in Walmart. They walked up and were like, ‘So what’s up with all the ravioli?’ And I was like, ‘I’m a rapper.’ They just looked at me and were like, ‘Oh ok.’ and walked away. I didn’t know that was a valid excuse but it looked like it really clicked in their heads when I said that,” he said.

OK! Charlie moved from Baltimore, MD to Orlando, and Jacksonville, so he is used to urban settings. Four years ago, Charles moved in with his mother in St. Augustine to help her with bills from a heart condition she developed and stay out of trouble. However, Charlie’s relocation has been an obstacle for his music career. Compared to the cities OK! Charlie has lived in in the past, the Ancient City does not have a large selection of venues willing to book a rap artist and the Walmart workers might not understand his “I’m a rapper” excuse.

“There’s lot of older people in town and there’s a huge stigma against rap music in general. They’re like ‘Oh, all you do is talk about drugs and and money and sex’... which is like yeah, a lot of my content but not all of it.”

OK! Charlie does not compare himself to any other artist. Instead, he says his music is a combination of influences from artists he happens to be listening to while he’s writing the song.“I rap about my life past and present. I used to be a really huge delinquent so I rap about that and getting my heart broken, which seems to happen frequently. I don’t like to write songs in any other way because I don’t like writing in metaphors or singing. I like saying what I need to say without dancing around the topic.”

OK! Charlie has performed at places like Planet Sarbez, Nobby’s and Centro. He describes his shows as high-energy. He says that people are pleasantly surprised when they come to a show for the first time. OK! Charlie’s interactive relationship with his audience ensures an unforgettable good time. “The feeling I have on stage is hard to describe. Once I got the mic in my hand I just feel like I’m in my zone. I’m not even thinking anymore, I’m just being in the moment.”

Right now, the St. Augustine rapper is focusing on investing in promotions to gain traction. Each video he puts out on YouTube climbs in numbers. Even though rap concerts are rare in St. Augustine, the crowd goes wild when OK! Charlie is on stage. On Halloween, he performed at Centro with a live drummer and packed out the show. “Before I moved here, there was really nothing going on as far as hip-hop went. It’s been difficult but I like it because it gives me an opportunity to see the impact I’m making in the scene around me.”

OK! Charlie is releasing a new EP “Thanks for Nothing” January 14th.

dave kosciolek