Narrow Magazine Gainesville March Music Calendar

Fri March 1st
Juice, Sooza, Jay Rogue and Stoges, 9pm, High Dive
Palomino Blonde (Miami), Sports Reference, Civic Media Center
Causa, Articles, Flowan, 9pm, Hardback Cafe
90s Tribute Night, 9pm, Loosey’s Downtown
The Browns, 6pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
STILL ILL 80s Video Dance Party w/ DJ Cameron Gregory, 10pm, The Atlantic
Couch Messiahs, 6pm, One Love Cafe
Nashville Songwriters Showcase, 7pm, First Magnitude Brewing
APB, 7:30pm, The Depot and Speakeasy Room, Micanopy
James Bowen, Crafty B’astards Restaurant & Pub

Sat, March 2nd
Rex Floyd- Pink Floyd Experience, 9pm, High Dive
North FL Blues Society Presents George Worthmore, 8pm, Heartwood Soundstage

Electric Dawn, Unico, Swamp Druid, 9pm, Hardback Cafe
Dean Johansson (Prohibition style gypsy jazz), Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Balsam Range, 7pm & 9pm, Upstage at the Phillips Center
Fair Game 7:30pm, The Depot & Speakeasy Room, Micanopy

Sunday, March 3rd
James Wesson, Terror Pigeon, 8pm, Hardback Cafe
Mark Miale, 5pm, The Depot & Speakeasy Room, Micanopy

Tue, March 5th
The Vowls (Eclectic Heart Soul Music), Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
Open Mic Night, 6pm, Great Outdoors Restaurant

Wed, March 6th
Brighter Death Now (Sweden),Onset, Lilac Angel, PEZ, 9pm, The Atlantic
Masked Intruder, Rehasher, Arrows in Action, 8pm, High Dive
Open Mic Night, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Thu, March 7th

The Cold Hard Cash Show, Johnny Cash Tribute, 8pm, High Dive
Richard Shindell, 8pm, Heartwood Soundstage
The Conch Gainesville True Storytelling Project “Take This Job and Shove It,” 7pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Thomas Anthony, Crafty B’astards Restaurant and Pub

Fri, March 8th

Blink 281 (Blink 182 Tribute), The Sucker Punches, Let Down, 9pm, High Dive
Edie Carey w/ support from Resonance, 8pm, Heartwood Soundstage

Tina and Her Pony, Tessa Register, Civic Media Center
Boilin’ Oil (High Energy Bluegrass), 6pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
Lovelorn (Ex-Creepoid), Heat Rash, Dead Feeling, 9pm, The Atlantic
Shawn Manley, Crafty B’astards Restaurant & Pub

Sat, March 9th
Oof, Weakened Friends, Well Wisher, Sunshine State, 9pm, High Dive
The Currys Album Release, 8pm, Heartwood Soundstage
Friendly Dads (Jax), Hexproof (Clearwater), Static Haze, Civic Media Center
Some Kind of Nightmare/ Gris Gris Boys, Loose Bearings, Purely Red, 9pm, Hardback Cafe
Billy Brandt (Singer/ songwriter Michigan), Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Couch Messiahs, 7pm, Great Outdoors Restaurant
Mark Miale, Crafty B’astards Restaurant & Pub

Sun, March 10th
Teen, Madwoman, Star House, Katy Dietz, 7pm, High Dive
Bad Idols(TN), Glazed (Jax), Blis (Atlanta), Articles, Civic Media Center
Matt Woods, Danny Hughes, 7pm, Loosey’s Downtown
The Chieftains, 2pm, Phillips Center

Mon, March 11th
Samuel J. Comroe, 7pm(early show) and 9:30pm (late show), High Dive

11:59, Dead Selves, Shark Anatomy, 8pm, Hardback Cafe
Chastity (Captured Tracks), Body Heat, 9pm, The Atlantic

Tues., March 12th

Le’ Tour Devore IIII: Jason Devore & Mike Spero, Drew & John, Skart, Gabo, Russ Baum & Carrizalez, Hayden Hanson, 7pm, High Dive

Wed, March 13th
Trivia Night, 7pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
Lulo Reinhardt and Daniel Shelter, 7pm & 9pm, Upstage at the Phillips Center

Thu, March 14th
J.I.D “Catch Me If You Can Tour,” 8pm, High Dive
Kathleen Taylor (Americana, La Cross, FL), Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
Little Mike & The Tornadoes, 6pm, One Love Café

Fri, March 15th
An Evening w/ Buckethead, 8pm, High Dive
Hannah Harber and the Lionhearts, 8pm, Heartwood Soundstage
Mr. Aullie, 6pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
Houston Keen, 7pm, First Magnitude Brewing
Rebel Soul, 7:30pm, The Depot and Speakeasy Room, Micanopy
Clay Brooker, Crafty B’astards Restaurant and Pub

Sat, March 16th
Electroswing Speakeasy- 1920s Ball, 10pm, High Dive
Original Gainesville Food Truck Benefitting Hearoes for Hearing + Free Live Music, 5pm, High Dive
Idylwild and Two Foot Level, 8pm, Heartwood Soundstage
Jim Lord (Virginia), Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
The Sh-Booms, 9pm, The Atlantic
Swing Theory, 6pm, One Love Cafe
Hogtown Slayers, 6:30pm, Great Outdoors, High Springs
Moondog, Crafty B’astards Restaurant and Pub

Sun, March 17th
Strfkr, 8pm, High Dive
Music in the Park Concert Series, 2pm, High Springs Museum

Carillon Recital, 3pm, Century Tower Carillon

Mon, March 18th
Anoushka Shankar, 7:30pm, Phillips Center

Tues, March 19th

Traditional Irish Session, 6:30pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
Richard Kogan (pianist/ Gershwin), 7:30pm, Squitieri Studio Theater

Wed, Mar 20th
Beatles vs. Stones, 7pm, High Dive
Sweet Lizzy Project for Bulla Cubana, 8pm, Heartwood Soundstage

Likely Lovely, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Thelma and the Sleaze, Golden Pelicans, REELS, 9pm, The Atlantic
Richard Kogan(pianist/ Beethoven), 7:30pm, Squitieri Studio Theater

Thu, March 21st
Skylab Presents: Skylab Recording Studios 25th Birthday, Singer/ Songwriter Competition, 7pm, High Dive
Roosevelt Collier, 8pm, Heartwood Soundstage
Wild Shiners (Bluegrass), Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Hannah Love, Crafty B’astards Restaurant and Pub
Gilberto de Paz (Salsa) at Gala Cubana de Holy Trinity, 6pm

Fri, March 22nd

The Marcus King Band “Carolina Confessions Tour’, Bobby Lee Rodgers, 9pm, High Dive
The Walkers, Mistress (Orlando), Supergold (Ft. Lauderdale), Civic Media Center
Violet Bell (Durham, NC), Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
Calling All Captains, FELICITY, Brigades, Arrows in Action, 8pm, The Atlantic

Sat, March 23rd

Sally B’s Noobie Review, 8pm, Hardback Café

Remedy Tree (Bluegrass), Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Nunhex 7 yr. Anniversary, 9pm, The Atlantic
Clay Brooker, Crafty B’astards Restaurant and Pub

Mon, March 25th

Badfish : A Tribute to Sublime:Stand By Your Van Tour w/ Tropidelic, Not Your Hero, Louie Dager and the Broskis, 7pm, High Dive

Tues, March 26th
Andy McKee w/ Special Guests, 7pm, High Dive
The Hills and the Rivers (Pittsburgh), Free Range Strange, Ricky Steece, Civic Media Center

Flowan, Snailmate, Poblano, 8pm, Hardback Cafe
The Shambling Shimmies (Tribal Belly Dancers), 7:30pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
Apollo’s Fire, 7:30pm, Phillips Center

Wed, March 27th
Funk You, Tamayo, 9pm, High Dive
Trivia Night, 7pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Thu, March 28th

Direct Hit, The Eradicator, You Vandal, 9pm, High Dive
Acoustic Blues Open Mic, 6pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Yefim Bronfman, 7:30pm, Phillips Center

Fri, March 29th
Jon Snodgrass & Jason Guy Smiley, 8pm, Loosey’s Downtown
Kyle Keller (Campfire Americana), Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
Gainesville Orchestra, 7:30pm, Santa Fe College Fine Arts Hall
The Messthetics(discord Rec/Members of Fugazi), 9pm, The Wooly
Steel Bearing Hand, Pyre, Stunner, 9pm, The Atlantic
James Bowen, Crafty B’astards Restaurant and Pub

Sat, March 30th
Happy Kiss Pole Fitness Presents, Spotlight, 6:30pm, High Dive
Swingin’ Utters w/ Lost in Society, 7pm, Loosey’s Downtown

The Front Porch Backsteppers (Gainesville Americana), 6pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
In Crisis, 6pm, One Love Cafe
Shawn Manley, Crafty B’astards Restaurant and Pub

Sun, March 31st

Riverfest 2019- Santa Fe River Annual Song Contest, 1pm-7pm, Rum 138, Fort White

April 3rd Of Montreal, Yip Deceiver, Pearl and the Oysters 8pm, High Dive
April 10th Tainted Cabaret, 8pm, Hardback Café
April 18th Inner Circle, Propaganjah, 8pm, High Dive
April 18-21st 352 Fest
April 20th Garth Brooks, 7pm, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

May 9th The Turbos, Loosey’s Downtown
May 19th An Intimate Evening with Kristin Chenoweth, 7:30pm, Phillips Center

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