Narrow Magazine Gainesville AUGUST Music Calendar

Thu, Aug 1st
Grateful Dead Meetup, 8:30pm, Hippodrome
Tanya Solomon: Truth Assassin, 8pm, High Dive

Sweet William (Gainesville Blues), Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Bite Marks, Pez, Smite, Ironing, 9pm, The Atlantic

Hot Club de Ville Plays Django, 7pm, Leonardos 706

Wilson Stern, 8pm, SwampCity Gallery Lounge

Fri, Aug 2nd:

Gainesville Punk Reviva l- Punk Rock, POP Punk, Emo Dance Party: DJ Roxx Xxavage, 9pm, High Dive

The Browns, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

WORK IT! Best of 2000s Dance Party, 10pm, The Atlantic
Undertown Unplugged: Heart Prevails, Boston Marriage,9pm, Hardback Café

Marjohn Alchemy (Jazz), 10pm, The Bull

The Duppies, 8pm, Bo Diddley Plaza

Edwin McCain and his Acoustic Trio, Reilly Arts Center

Follow the Smoke Vol 2:Hip Hop Showcase, SwampCity Gallery Lounge

Sat,Aug 3rd

Planet Booty, Cartridge Carnage, 8pm, High Dive

Pickin’ Pear, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

The Hustler: Underground Retro Dance Party with DJs Clif and Cam, The Atlantic

Piss Test, Switchblade Villain, Low Season, 9pm, Hardback Café

Chew, Coody, Sunshine State, Heavy on the Ish, 10pm, Backyard at Boca Fiesta & Palomino
LoFi Chill Hip Hop Beats to Study & Relax, 8pm, SwampCity Gallery Lounge

Moondog, 6pm, One Love Café

Sun, Aug 4th
Raised on TV, Flowan, 9pm, Hardback Café

Selector Sundays with Sunshine, 8pm, Swamp City Gallery Lounge

Mon, Aug 5th

For Lack of a Term, Another Astronaut, 9:30pm, Hardback Cafe

Backyard Karaoke, 9pm, Backyard at Boca Fiesta and Palomino

Kyle Keller’s Open Mic, 8pm, The Bull

Tue, Aug 6th

The Swampland Troubadours, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
Jazzology, 9:45pm, The Bull

Wed, Aug 7th

Open Mic Nite, 7pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Thu, Aug 8th
Jay Rogue & the Stoges, The Reinhardt, Static Haze, 9pm, High Dive

Greane, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises
Week Weks, Kyle Keller, Caesar, 9pm, Hardback Café

Little Mike & the Tornadoes, 6pm, One Love Café

Fri, Aug 9th

The Threetles Benefit Concert, 7pm, Hippodrome

A Killer’s Confession, Once Around, Influence, Broken Silence, Koop d’E Tat, Purely red, 7pm, High Dive

Boilin’ Oil, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

The Mermers, Flagman, Chalet Girl, Cartridge Carnage,9pm, The Atlantic

Loose XChange, Cheap Plastic, Blueberry Season, 9pm, Hardback Café

Hunger Anthem, Articles, Thrusters, You Vandal,9pm, Loosey’s Downtown

Ramblin’ Mutts, 8pm, Bo Diddley Plaza

Sat, Aug 10th

MySpace Prom: Live band Emo Night Featuring Take This To Your Grave, DJ Drew Love, 9pm, High Dive

Max Helgemo, 7pm, The Bull

Vampa and Zia, 10pm, Simons

Cypress & Grove 2nd Anniversary Party, 1pm-12am, Cypress & Grove Brewing

The Currys, 8pm, Heartwood Soundstage

Cassie Keenum, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Pop Punk & Emo Night of Gainesville, 10pm, The Atlantic

DJ Robzilla End of Summer Hip Hop Bash, SwampCity Gallery

Sevenlefthanging, Swamp Druid, Cartridge Carnage, 9pm, Hardback Café

No Scrubs 90s Night, 9pm, Backyard at Boca Fiesta & Palomino

Sun, Aug 11th

North Central FL Blues Society Presents: Jason Ricci & The Bad Kind, Root Redemption, 6:30pm, High Dive

Baer and the Lady, 9:30pm, The Bull

Matt Woods, 9pm, Loosey’s Downtown

Selector Sundays with CurbCut, 8pm, SwampCity Gallery Lounge

Mon, Aug 12th

Leg Biters, Chico, Ceramicats, 9pm, The Atlantic

Dorms, Dog Church, Baer & the Lady, 9pm, Hardback Café

Backyard Karaoke, 9pm, Backyard at Boca Fiesta & Palomino

Front Porch Backsteppers, 9pm, The Bull

Tue, Aug 13th

John Ford, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Wed, Aug 14th

The Pair ODocs, Barb the Harpist, Cypress & Grove Brewing

Thu, Aug 15th

Teen Divorce, King of Summer, Virginity, Off Day, Leg Biters, 8pm, Loosey’s Downtown

Fri, Aug 16th

Tech Charity Concert, 8pm, High Dive

Mr. Aullie, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

The Next Episode: Hip Hop Dance Party, 10pm, The Atlantic

Jazzology, 9:45pm, The Bull

Bluegrass & Old Time Jam, 6pm, Civic Media Center

Billy Buchanan 50s & 60s, 7:30pm, Hippodrome

Sat, Aug 17th

First Magnitude 5 Year Anniversary Party: Heavy Petty, First Magnitude Brewing

Thunderclap, Electro Maggot, Heavy on the Ish, 9pm, High Dive

The Shambles, 8pm, Heartwood Soundstage

Collapsible B, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Rashon Medlock Trio, 8pm, SwampCity Gallery

Sun, Aug 18th

Evening Standards, Curious Markings, Routines, 7pm, Backyard at Boca Fiesta & Palomino

Selector Sundays with Ill Terror, 8pm, SwampCity Gallery Lounge

Mon, Aug 19th

Backyard Karaoke, 9pm, The Backyard At Boca Fiesta & Palomino

Marjohn Alchemy (jazz), 10pm, The Bull

Tue, Aug 20th

Austin Lucas, Company Man, Jason Guy Smiley, 8pm, High Dive

Traditional Irish Session, 6:30pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Wed, Aug 21st

Mitch Fatel (stand up comedian), 8pm, High Dive

Nowstalgia, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Kyle Keller’s Open Mic, 8pm, The Bull

Thu, Aug 22nd

Tessa Violet, The Forum, 8pm, High Dive

Uncle Mosie, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Scott Yoder, Glove, Mother Juno, Death Motors, 9pm, The Atlantic

Fri, Aug 23rd

SwampCity One Year Anniversary, King Kong + Special Guests, 10am-12am, SwampCity Gallery Lounge

Tamayo, Free Mace, Sooza, 9pm, High Dive

Madwoman, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Jazzology, 9:45pm, The Bull

Matt and the Skeleton Crew, 7pm, First Magnitude

Phillip JazzDad Thomas, 8pm, Bo Diddley Plaza

Sat, Aug 24th

Remedy Tree, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Mike Llerena and the Nerve, You vandal, trumpswig, Friendly Fire, 10pm, The Backyard At Boca Fiesta & Palomino

Max Helgemo, 7-9pm, The Bull

Vincent, 10pm, Simons

Swamp City One Year Anniversary Day 2: Acoustic Beach, The Walkers, The Duppies

Sun, Aug 25th

North Central FL Blues Society Blues Challenge, 4pm, High Dive

SwampCity One Year Anniversary Day 3: Easy Crew Reggae DJs

Mon, Aug 26th

Front Porch Backsteppers (bluegrass), 9pm, The Bull

Noisy Nelly’s w ASM, Bog Body, Found Dead & Ritual Hammer, 10pm, Dirty Nelly’s Irish Pub

Tue, Aug 27th

The Shambling Shimmies, 7:30pm, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

Shawn Manley, 9pm, The Bull

Thu, Aug 29th

Schwayze, Skunkape, 8pm, High Dive

Back to School Bash with Holly Woods, 10pm, Simons

Kyle Keller’s Open Mic, 8pm, The Bull

Fri, Aug 30th

The Progressive Rock Experience, 8pm, Bo Diddley

Jordan Rager, 8pm, High Dive

Front Porch Backsteppers, Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises

The Shoddy Beatles: 50th Anniversary of Abbey Road Celebration, 9pm, The Wooly

Jazzology, 9:45pm, The Bull

Justin Lee Partin, Chris McNeil, 9pm, Loosey’s Downtown

Sat, Aug 31st

Boris, Uniform, 9pm, High Dive

TRAMPA, 10pm, Simons

Tamayo band, 8pm, SwampCity Gallery Lounge

Back to School Fest: flipturn, the Hails, King Complex, The Forum, Driveaway, 6pm, Heartwood Soundstage

Saved by the Bell: End of Summer Dance Party, 10pm, The Wooly

Max Helgemo, 7pm, The Bull

Sept 7th BrazilFest, Heartwood Soundstage

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